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Tech People Leadership

Building a technology company is a high-stakes, creative act for smart, unusual people.

Tech People Leadership is an ongoing project to bring the best Tech Leadership experience and insight from Silicon Valley to you. Our courses, webinars and conversations will show you what works, and what doesn’t, in building high-growth, high-stakes organizations.

Our goal is to develop brilliant leaders in tech.  To build front-line managers into department leads, directors to execs, founders to mature CEOs. We are here to help you grow, now.

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Joe Dunn


I’m a leader, mentor and coach with over twenty years of experience in fast-moving software startups. Three became successful public companies, and fourth sold for $250M+

My experience covers everything from being one of “three guys in a room” to an officer of a public company.  And a traveling surf bum, barely capable yoga student, skilled improv performer, and twenty-five year student of meditation.

I coach leaders of all kinds (CEOs, CTOs, Engineers, Sales, Marketing) in rapidly-growing tech companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area, from seed-size to “unicorns”.


Leadership Coaching


I work one on one with tech leaders of engineering, product, sales, marketing from Product Manager to CEO and C-Suite levels.

My intention is to build mastery in both management (the business of time, money and organization), and leadership – the deeper work of human behavior.

Radical Condor


Radical Candor is a set of tools and techniques for giving and getting feedback.

More than that, it is a way of building an organization that works.  An organization based on reality, caring and trust.

I teach Radical Candor workshops, and lead coaching groups for teams who want to go deeper into implementing the model.

Online Resources


I write regularly on leadership, curate articles in a weekly newsletter, and publish a podcast focused on tech leadership in the Bay Area.

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I love the moments when it all clicks. When the balance of management chops, technical insight and human understanding comes together to build something great.

When people are working above the best they could imagine. When a vision suddenly becomes attainable.

I want to help you get there.

Why I Do It

Some Feedback ON MY WORK

Joe has seen it all and done it all in the tech business – from engineering to product to strategy to M&A to just getting s*** done.

Joe always brings his instinctive curiosity, sharp wit, and creativity to any new problem – whether it is organizational or a personal blind spot I am working on. Tom Hale

President, Survey Monkey

What makes Joe unique is his proven background as an engineering and product leader.

His background aligns perfectly with the challenges many Silicon Valley execs face. When combined with his philosophies, he is able to provide powerful perspective and forced me to look at challenges in a new light. Greg Fulton

VP Product, AddRoll

I’ve loved working with Joe. I know that I can always count on him when having any form of management questions or ‘is this normal’ scenarios that come in my Founder/CEO position at Envoy.

I’d definitely recommend anybody going through extreme company growth to consider him — he’ll just make it that much easier! Larry Gadea

CEO, Envoy

Joe mentored and coached me through a period of dramatic product evolution and exciting business growth.

Joe continually delivers indispensable creativity, strategic focus and deep product insights. He is a phenomenal secret weapon to have in your back pocket Chad Richard

Senior Vice President, Business & Corporate Development, Yelp

Recent Writing

On Feeling Dumb Whilst Building Something New

Dumb Ideas Look Dumb Early On. So Do Great Ones. Watching a Future Billionaire (or, Very Wealthy Person) I once watched a future billionaire (or, at least, very wealthy person), put together his company booth at a show. It was modest, maybe enough room for a couple of...

Process and Delegation – Links

Liberate Your Team with Clearer Processes Love this. “At their heart, effective processes are not about adding red tape — they are about enabling ‘flow’” Yes. Exactly. The Subtle Art Of Delegating Work – The Startup – Medium A good...

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I’m based on San Francisco and work with companies downtown, in SOMA and the Mission.  I also have clients across the US and internationally.

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